NUURIYE.COM site and Google Play Store & Apple Store App “NUURIYE” provide an online store offering Chinese, American and local products to East Africa consumers.

What we really do?

We give everyone in East Africa ability to shop from China, USA and locally in a direct way. Consumers choose their single or wholesale product straight from the international market. After few days, the product will be delivered to the customer or conveniently they will pick the product from NUURIYE.COM office in their city.

Our vision

We believe online shopping should be accessible, easy, and enjoyable. We also believe in the transformative power of technology and want to change East Africa for the better by providing a platform to connect buyers and sellers within the community and abroad.

History of Beginning

There was a reason to start NUURIYE.COM The population in East Africa countries is growing and their income is getting larger and larger. There should be a way those new world customers to enjoy online shopping and satisfy their new need. So, we decided to offer that new service.


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